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File 157869735170.png - (48 KB , 154x240 , 3f211454 (1).png )
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Porco Diolauta
>> No. 32618
huutista kun tajusin :D
>> No. 32620
Dio hamburger che scoperta. Bisogna chiamare la Nasa.

>> No. 32621

File 157865777551.png - (190 KB , 1024x943 , 1024px-Lage_von_Savoien_in_Europa_(Karte)_svg.png )
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are they italian?
>> No. 32599
They were before being sold to France and subsequently culture converted in a matter of years.

also peidao
>> No. 32617
Not yet. Sadly.

File 158163589417.png - (42 KB , 906x318 , Screenshot 2020-02-13 at 23_15_05.png )
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Spageti makes me forgeti

File 157997259272.gif - (24 KB , 320x200 , REDARROW.gif )
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File 157859443289.jpg - (227 KB , 1200x659 , tr1.jpg )
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E bravo admin che si è giocato/alienato Esteranon.

Posso anche non perdere tempo a cercare proxy non blacklistati, ma vorrei tentare la strada della keyword.
Come funziona? Ti invio una mail da 10minutemail e poi?
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>> No. 32604 SALVIA!

>> No. 32605
>> No. 32609
che sono 'ste date strane?
>> No. 32610
Cazzo ora l'ho visto.

>> No. 32611
Ah no, è solo il formato.

File 157824751872.png - (163 KB , 413x451 , skullanterior.png )
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Cosa farà l'Italia nella 3' Guerra Mondiale?

>> No. 32590
File 157834589636.jpg - (302 KB , 735x1600 , you-were-born-too-late-you-will-never-explore-eart.jpg )
>pensa che la guerra del terzo millennio si combatterà per nazioni e non per tribù.

>> No. 32591
Niente, temporeggeremo per capire chi è il vincitore e poi diventeremo suoi alleati. Magari questa volta andrà meglio.

>> No. 32592
Niente. Con tutte le basi e gli ordigni nucleari americani sul nostro territorio siamo il primo bersaglio e praticamente fottuti.

File 157756359385.jpg - (4 KB , 200x112 , 156165050159s.jpg )
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The parts of the spectrums of each thing that have the opposite reaction to the parts of the spectrums which cause aging,retards,sickness,etc,etc,and there's the other parts in the middle(example-the berry spectrum has healthy berries and poisonous berries and the other berries in the middle).The elements.Recreating various outside crisis situations(hungry,thirsty,stuck,etc,etc) or not results in invisibility and speed,omnipotence,superpeople,youngness,altering you and reality,personally affecting reality,your mind returning to the past(time travel).People who are acidic,nervous,shitty and others are being assalted,bleeding and puking acid.Personally affecting reality example-eating salt and then being assalted.The soaps are killing people,the nerve and skin damage and where's the sweat and tan,feeling hot,dizzy,throbbing,burning and sick?The soaps are turning peoples faces into monster scar faces.Peoples bodies are being damaged and aged by the shampoo,hot tubs,swimming pools,soap,stress,working,gravity,infections,viruses,loud sounds,rubs,creams,pills,people,food,beverages,etc,etc.Air bubbles and dissolved air in fluids in IV bags,tubes and syringes is being injected into people,strokes and deaths.Sniffing deaths.Operating table and bed murders and people being numbed by the dentist.People are being euthanized in hospitals and hospices.They're pulling and grabbing peoples sleeping genitals,turning peoples places into a hotel/outhouse and anally attacking colon cleansed people .Surrounded by the future,the past and nightlights,barking dogs,abductions,disappearances,suicides,murders,cuts,suffocations,draining energy or absorbing energy.Being pulled towards the future or the past with your iron coins and other materials your in contact with and surrounded by,people are disappearing,people are being replaced with clones,robots,etc,people travelling back in time are being attacked and getting into accidents.People are travelling to the future and to the past.People are sending messages to the future and to the past.Aliens,people are visiting and sometimes leaving this world,which worlds and times are they from?They're stealing peoples DNA,cloning,growing,making and using the clones.The souls of the dead and others are travelling into other peoples bodies to be young and healthy.Connected minds communicating.Some people know other peoples thoughts and are communicating telepathically,interuptions,influencing,scolding,interference,torturing and controlling peoples minds and bodies and murdering and bothering other people listen to the sounds similar to the heat bug and electronic sounds.Body twitching.People are communicating with other people through nightmares.People are using other people to say their thoughts.Your suspicious,nature's etc examples,stuck in this nest.They're waking people up again and again and they're causing other sleeping problems and deaths,picking,poking,prodding,digging people with medical instruments.The TV creeps and others are accusing people of being criminals and others in a past life,threatening,hynotising,insulting and bothering people about what they are doing,saying and their thoughts,maybe they'll reach through the screen and your reality show from this world,concluding the experiments and cleaning the cages.

Messaggio troppo lungo. Clicka qui per vedere l'intero messaggio. Espandi Thread
>> No. 32577
how's Canada these days?

File 157739150595.jpg - (5 KB , 300x168 , images5GPUW3KF.jpg )
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People aren't sweating or barely sweating and the causes are the soaps,creams,rubs,swimming pools,hot tubs,etc,etc.The nerve and skin damage.Feeling hot,burning,throbbing,puffy,dizzy and sick?The dry flaky skin.Rigid skin.Stuck with fingernail indentations.People aren't tanning.Monster scar faces.The damage to our bodies is causing aging.People are dying and suicides.The deaths of millions.Blinding headaches,Brain aneurysms and brain damage.People are being balded by the shampoo.People are being infected by the food and beverages and the poop and infection is stuck in the digestive tract and people smell snake venom.Air bubbles and dissolved air in fluids in IV bags,tubes and syringes is being injected into people causing strokes and deaths.People are being euthanized at hospitals and hospices.Hospital devices radiation damage.Operating table and bed murders and people being numbed by the dentist.Loud music in the cars backseat,etc,etc and eardrops are causing deafness.People are being poisoned,burned,infected,plugged,numbed,brain tumors,aneurysms,impotence,blinded,damaged,aged,crippled and balded by the shampoo,pills,gravity,working,stress,soaps,creams,rubs,people,viruses,mouthwash,nasal cleaners,eyedrops,eardrops,loud sounds,beverages and food.Sniffing deaths.Pins,etc,etc in the food and beverages.

>> No. 32575
File 157742128315.jpg - (29 KB , 450x600 , haldol.jpg )

File 157569404591.jpg - (29 KB , 256x361 , 69j8r3mv5dk21.jpg )
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if you want amazing resource and the ability to ask native for help please join

>> No. 32561
File 157592334070.jpg - (122 KB , 299x419 , XvPud1568016236.jpg )
Ma anche no.

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