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>Pop songs will get shorter as time goes on, in order to draw attention from young people. It is the result of a study carried out by Samsung.

>Since 2000, music fans’ attention spans have been shortened from 12 seconds to eight, 30%. Therefore, always according to Samsung, the important thing is that the track is short and the choruses are catchy.

>« At the end of the decade, the average song is forecast to be a maximum of two minutes, » the company notes on its blog. «They will say goodbye to the old cliché of the three minute length of the pop song.»

>Other research explains that the average number one song on Spotify has shrunk by almost a fifth in the last two decades.

>The record company has analyzed Spotify’s number one songs since its launch in 2006. The result is that there has been a consistent shortening of song lengths between 1998 and 2018.

>The number one average in the UK lasted 4:34, while in 2019 it was 3:03. One minute and 13 seconds shorter.


Attento compositorefag.


compositorefag hai poi scopito qualche tua groupie in giappone?

 No.18625 SALVIA!

Tha Supreme è meglio dei Pink Floyd.


Mai stato in Giappone. Odio viaggiare


allora ricordo male o c'era un impostore che diceva che sarebbe andato in giappone per eseguire una tua composizione


>mi esplode il culo
>inizio a spergare rifiutandomi di accettare la realtà
>medito bombardamenti nucleari su vasta parte delle terre emerse
>mi calmo
>metto la suite di Atom Heart Mother da 45 minuti e mi abbandono alla malinconia e alla mia inutile vecchiaia


mai detto

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