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Canzone della settimana


File: j3whan9.jpg (86,25 KB, 600x542)

Boh, sembra musica da roba marrone. Mai ascoltato future garage, mi devo ascoltare Burial quindi?


mh no le altre non mi piacciono.


Ascoltato, e neppure a me è piaciuto, tranne l'ultima "Flat Soda", ma non dà gli stessi stimoli.


TIL: UK garage, abbreviated as UKG, is a genre of electronic music which originated in England in the early to mid-1990s. The genre blends styles such as garage house, R&B, jungle and dance-pop. It usually features a percussive, shuffled 4/4 breakbeat rhythm with syncopated hi-hats, cymbals and snares, and sometimes includes irregular kick drum patterns. Garage tracks also commonly feature 'chopped up' and time-stretched or pitch-shifted vocal samples complementing the underlying rhythmic structure at a tempo usually around 130 BPM. UK garage gave rise to subgenres such as speed garage and 2-step, and was then largely subsumed into other styles of music and production in the mid-2000s, including bassline, grime and dubstep. The decline of UK garage during the mid-2000s saw the birth of UK funky, which is closely related.


OHI: Future Garage is a newer style of UK Garage which originally developed as a result of some Dubstep producers reacting against the prevalent trends in that genre. These producers made music which was far closer to the 2-Step and UK Garage of the late 90s and early 00s than that of their contemporaries, deliberately eschewing the heavy wobble bass commonplace in dubstep. The other distinguishing feature of Future Garage is that it is much more accessible for "home listening" than UK Garage was - IDM is often a clear influence. The resulting sound is often quite minimalistic, with skittery, broken rhythms and bright, clean melodies.

Of the dubstep producers who pioneered this strand of UK garage, the best known is Burial, along with many others on Hyperdub. Futher back in time, there are also clear similarities with the music of MJ Cole and the Broken Beat movement of the early 00s. The term Future Garage was originally coined by Sub.fm's Whistla, who also set up L2S Recordings, the genre's first dedicated label. Other notable artists include FaltyDL, Brackles, Shortstuff, and Joy Orbison.


Non c'entra niente ma mi ha ricordato questa.


Dalla thumbnail pensavo che fosse Lorn, questo è il video originale


UK Garage!





Canzone del mese, settimana, anno, Drown. La canzone per anon che affoga nella vita. torno a deprimermi ciao.


 No.18849 SALVIA!

impara ad embeddare però

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